Bubble Burst - high speed photography by Fabian Oefner
Umbrellas - Installation art (Thessaloniki, Greece) supporting the campaign against breast cancer
Feel The Rainbow Wallpaper
Meerkat Pup - Chester Zoo
Crazy abstract artwork by English artist Joe fenton
Mr Peacock Spider
Kelpies - Giant horse-head sculptures in Falkirk, Scotland by Glasgow artist Andy Scott
3D wire mesh sculpture woman's portrait by Korean artist Seung Mo Park
Black Hole - Acrylic paint spinning from a metal rod by Swiss photographer Fabien Oefner
Amazing buddha-themed abstract art by Joe Fenton, UK
Graffiti Street Art
Owl 001
Close up tiger portrait by Jose Luis Mieza
A pair of lowland gorillas chill out in a tree at Bronx Zoo - by Richard Conde via National Geographic
Baby Giraffe Love
A cat strolls along a fence at dusk by Julian Stratenshulte (Associated Press)
The King forest fire, California by Noah Berger (Reuters)
Killer Whale vs. Penguin
Flying Great White Shark Seal Attack by Dana Allen (Caters News)
Hercules over Sydney - Royal Australian Air Force
Abstract wasp illustration by UK artist Si Scott
Cycle Path Silhouettes - photography by Lars Van De Goor
Polar Bear - wildlife photography by Lars Van De Goor
Sentinels of the Arctic - Finland by Niccolò Bonfadini
Ice Cave Washington
Bubbles in Ice
Eye of the moon - Arches National Park, Utah by Lynn Sessions
A Tribute in Light to 9-11 by Timothy Clary - AFP - Getty Images
Earth seen from the International Space Station
Face painting for the Mayana Soora Thiruvizha, India by Mahesh Balasubramanian - National Geographic Photo Competition 2014
Surreal Graffiti Alley by DarkPhoenix36 on deviantART
Extreme Kayaking - Kilauea Volcano, Big Island, Hawaii by Alexandre Socci - National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest