Smug elephant seal by Justin Hofman
Funny polar bear face in a pink flower fieldby Dennis Fast
Polar Bear Flower Field by Dennis Fast
Red Eyed Tree Frog Stack
Everything's Disconnected © by Christine-Simpson
Lion cubs by Angus Stead for National Geographic 2015
Orangutan in the Rain by Andrew Suryono
Lemurs eat at Qingdao Forest Wildlife World in Qingdao, Shandong province
Happy Praying Mantises
On Cloud Nine - Northern Gannets by Robert Sommer for National Geographic
Smelling the wind
Dog portrait by Seth Casteel - littlefriendsphoto dot com
A cute pair of baby elephants by Marina Cano
Smile by Marina Cano (Giraffe)
Shaking dog face portrait by Carli Davidson
A pair of embracing giraffes by wildlife photographer extraordinaire Marina Cano
A lion mother carries her cub - anonymous photography - HD wallpaper
Solent News & Photo Agency
A semi-wild brown bear and its cub in Cantabria, Spain by Marina Cano
A little chick below a flock of birds by wildlife photographer Lalith Ekanayake
A Lion Licking Himself Clean
Meerkat Pup - Chester Zoo
Mr Peacock Spider
Owl 001
Close up tiger portrait by Jose Luis Mieza
A pair of lowland gorillas chill out in a tree at Bronx Zoo - by Richard Conde via National Geographic
Baby Giraffe Love
A cat strolls along a fence at dusk by Julian Stratenshulte (Associated Press)
Killer Whale vs. Penguin
Flying Great White Shark Seal Attack by Dana Allen (Caters News)
Polar Bear - wildlife photography by Lars Van De Goor
Cecropia Moth Caterpillar by Lydia Felland